25 January 2010

My Sick Little Girl!

This past weekend was the roughest weekend I have had as a mother and I am sure it wont be my last. Friday night I barely got any sleep. My little girl decided that she was going to be up since she wasnt breathing well out of her nose enough to sleep.

Saturday she spent the morning on the bed playing and looking like she hadn't gotten any sleep at all. She kept yawning and her little eyes stayed pink. When Kenny got home from work she perked up a little bit but you could tell she just wasnt feeling good. Her nose ran a good part of the day and we were happy about that because she was draining. But try wiping the nose of a 4 month old and I will tell you it is not fun. She hates it, she knows its coming, and she fights it. She would see the tissue and cover her nose and mouth with her hands. One smart cookie! By Saturday evening she was napping off and on at Jamie and Katy's and I felt so bad she wasnt home in her own bed but she was very comfortable on my chest sleeping. The night though was a totally different story, again she slept but didnt rest because of her breathing and we put her in bed with us to monitor her breathing. Her little nose stayed clogged and the snot sucker they gave us at the hospital worked a little bit but her nose is way too small for a good suction.

Sunday morning we woke up around 6 to her having a terrible time breathing, Kenny looked at me and said 'Let's take her into the ER and get her looked at, even if its just a cold its better we know' and I totally agreed. Listening to your child not being able to breath and not want to eat because of not being able to breath while the bottle in her mouth is awful to watch. So off to the ER we went. After information was taken by the doctor, he ordered a RSV test. So they swabbed her nose and sent it to the lab. Sure enough our little girl has been diagnosed with RSV, respiratory syncytial virus, which causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages, is a major cause of respiratory illness in young children that lasts 7-10 days, the only good news I heard through the talk of this virus is that almost all kids are infected with RSV at least once by the time they're 2 years old, so it made me feel that Ava is in no danger as long as we keep an eye on her breathing and hydration. The doctor said to continue what we have been doing which is running our humidifiers, making sure she drinks fluids, and to make sure she is comfortable. He was very happy with the way she was acting, because she was pulling at him, smiling at him, trying to talk, she was standing up (with our assistance) and looking around. She wasnt acting like a sick baby, which hopefully means that within the next couple of days she will be over this and well again. Since the virus runs its course within 7-10 days as long as there are no complications which so far Ava hasnt had any it looks like we are on day 6 and by this weekend hopefully she will be back to her normal self. At least we hope.

I have to say a big thank you to my hubby though, this past week I had had Ava all to myself since Monday with his work and school schedule and was running on almost zero sleep. Saturday morning when he got home, he took over, taking care of her and playing with her while I did a few things around the house and even got out of the house for a few minutes, going to a craft party with my sister in law. Sunday he had to work a few hours and we went to my dads which was also wonderful because my sister, Jess, and my dad helped with her while I rested a little. By Sunday evening Ava was actually sleeping and resting, she looked tired while sleeping which made us both feel bad because usually she looks peaceful when sleeping. But she slept from 430p-930p which she hadnt done since the following weekend. She also ate over 5 oz of formula which since Wednesday she had only been eating 2 oz at a time, which had worried me. So I am hoping that those are little signs that she is feeling better. And again my awesome hubby was there to the rescue, since he is on his 4 day, he told me to sleep and let him get up with Ava, I had been running off of no sleep while working full time last week. So since I had to come into work today and he didnt, he took care of her last night and I actually got to sleep with no worries. He is so wonderful and great, I have no clue what I would do without him. We are a good team together.

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