29 January 2010

She's feeling better...YAY!!

Ava is back to her old self..except for a cough..last night while Daddy was in class we played on the bed and got ready for bedtime. She had a ball rolling around and yelling at me. She is getting really good at communicating what she wants and when she wants it. Everyday I am more amazed about what she can do and how fast she is learning to do it.

She finally got dressed and kept bouncing around so much I stood her up. Shes a whole 24 1/2 inches tall. Her first cold of many more to come looks to be ending. She has shared this cold with me and Becky and Ashley but I would rather have the cold and her be well then her be sick for a longer period of time. That is what I am here for, to take the bad and give her the good.

(Looking more like her daddy everyday)

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