21 January 2010

Ava's First Visit to the ER

Monday afternoon, Ava began tugging at her right ear and was really clingy but she was acting alright so we went to bed. Tuesday she went to my sisters and when we got home she had a horrible cough. It sounded so horrible and she was very congested, so when Kenny got home from class he listened to her and said that he would take her to the ER the next day if her doctor couldnt see her. Wednesday morning, she woke up around 530 am with a fever and was HOT. Kenny decided we werent going to wait to see when her doctor could see her we were gonna just get her to the ER and see what was wrong with her.

So at the ER they discovered she has an ear infection. Four months old and already her first ear infection. She looked so miserable yesterday, my sister would text me and tell me how fussy she was and that she only wanted to be held. She wouldnt be put down. So now she is taking amoxicillin 3 times a day along with tylenol to keep her fever down. I must say though she is doing better than I could have ever imagined..she is still smiling and playing and she has slept pretty good for the most part. But I feel helpless and wish I could snap my fingers and make her feel better.

And for the scrapbooker in me, I have taken a picture of her sick, kept her bracelet from the ER, and would like to get a picture of her taking her medicine. This has been a cold winter and looks like it will be colder for a bit longer, my focus is to keep her bundled up and warm.

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