19 January 2010

Ava's First Night Away From Home

Kenny and I have always been social. Since we began dating, we always had something planned for the weekend, going out with friends, a movie, or just hanging out. Last year when I became pregnant, we kinda slowed down. Kenny was full swing into his classes and clinicals and I was extremely tired. Once I began to grow and swell, we didn't go out nearly as much. I would settle for a night in, propping up my feet and eating ice cream. Then here came Ava, just as beautiful as ever and she has kept us busy since day one.

Recently with all the snow and cold days, cabin fever had set in a little. We didnt want to take her out in the cold and take a chance of her getting sick and we havent taken her out to the store or anything. This past weekend, the weather was nice, it was actually a little warm and we had errands that needed to be ran. I had asked my mom if she would mind watching Ava over night for us and she was thrilled to have the opportunity. We dropped her off late afternoon and went to Sam's Club to catch up on items we needed in bulk then met my sister and brother in law (Erika and Kelly) for dinner. It was really weird not having her there. I kept thinking of her and mom would text me and let me know how she was doing. It was really nice having a little grown up time and some quality time with Kenny. We got home late and was able to sleep in until past 9am. I can't even remember when the last time I slept in that late. But as soon as I was awake and ate some breakfast, I was getting ready to go get my baby! We got to my moms a little til 11am and she was taking her morning nap, so we hung around until she was awake and could eat a little bit before heading back home.

She was so excited to see us. She was smiling at her daddy and talking to him. Almost like she was telling us what her and Nanny did while we were gone. And I must mention the little booger butt slept wonderfully for mom, waking up at 4am for her bottle then back down until 8am. She slept longer and better for her than she has us in weeks. I must say I was a little jealous, mom chalks it up to experience and not loosing her 'touch'. My mom loved it and we agreed that we will do this every couple months or so to allow her to get used to staying away from us and able to stay with someone else. This will also allow Kenny and I a date night every once in a while which is always nice. It won't be long before she is begging to stay with one of her cousins on the weekends and I don't see her at all. At least that is how we were when we were little.

It was a good experience and I am glad we started it early before I get to clingy with her or she is too clingy with me. I want her to be independent but dependent. I know she will need me for years to come but I want her to be comfortable to spend a few hours or the night with one of her grandparents or aunts as she gets older.

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