08 August 2017

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Release with Review:: Benediction (Cattenach Ranch #2) by Kelly Moran

I hate to say it but I liked this book better than the first. I really enjoyed Nate and Olivia's story but when Kelly gave a little teaser within the book that something more might be coming from Nakos, I counted down until I saw it available. Something about this man had me curious. He loved Olivia so much but practically gave her to Nate. Why? There had to me more to it. Kelly Moran definitely gave us all the answered we needed in Benediction. 

Amy has the crap beat out of her, which we also read about in Olivia's book. We saw a little shift in her personality. We saw how she went into herself. In this book we get more of the inner workings of Amy and boy has her family messed her up. She, though, is a kind hearted selfless individually, always giving others a chance.  

Nakos is a complicated soul. He always thought he loved Olivia but how could he be so blind and not see how Amy turns his insides outward and back again. I loved the inner workings of his mind and the transformation he makes to be with Amy. To make Amy see that she is worth his time, his love, and his heart.
Their journey is everything and more that I had expected. Kelly certainly didn't disappoint with Amy's story. Every detail was needed to explain how she ended up beaten and broken into the woman she turns into. Friends for 21 years turns to complicated turns to lovers. It was written well, made you want to fist pump when Amy lets her guard down.

As a child, Nakos Hunt left behind the familiarity of his Native American Arapaho tribe for time on Cattenach Ranch. Now the foreman, he's happily settled into his life, but the girl who befriended him all those years ago suddenly has him twisted inside out. He craves stability and purpose, and Amy Woods is anything but a calming presence. Though she's unbelievably gorgeous and about the only person who can drag a laugh from him, he's never been able to understand her. Then a moment changes everything, and an urgent need to protect her rises inside him. And doesn't let go. So does an aching desire and a bond he can't seem to control, no matter how hard he fights the need.

She's no one's version of ever-after...

Amy's not a stranger to disappointment. She's spent the majority of her life pulling up her bootstraps and flipping Karma the bird. Once, she may have dreamed of things like happiness and love, but those were for other people. Nakos has never been someone she deserves, yet the attraction between her and the meticulous sexy-as-sin cowboy is undeniable. And too tempting to ignore. Not only is he strong, patient, and respectful, he's showing her a kind of romantic passion she didn't think existed. But the secret she's keeping could shatter their perfect bubble, and when an old nightmare comes crawling back from the past, she realizes losing Nakos will be the one thing she can't recover from.

"Benediction is friends-to-lovers done oh so right! I devoured this book!"
~Laura Kaye, New York Times & USA Today Bestseller

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