24 May 2017

Release with Review:: Fighting Chance by Lynn Rider

Title: Fighting Chance
Author: Lynn Rider
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2017
Photographer: Furious Fotog
Cover Model: Chase Ketron
Cover Designer: MGBookcovers

I came from nothing, but I’ve fought my way to the top. It’s what I do—all I know. With a bank account full of money, four boxing title belts on my wall, and a clear path to another, I have everything I need. But what good is money and success when the one thing I want more than anything, the reason I’ve been fighting all along, money can’t buy?
Then I meet Mia…she may be just the one to help me get it.
I came from everything, but almost lost all of it one fateful day. The little that remains, I’m fighting for—it’s all I can do. But no matter how hard I fight, I am powerless as I watch it slowly slip though my fingers. The one thing I want more than anything, I don’t have the money to buy. 
Then I meet Chance…he may be just the one to help me get it.

Reviewer Brandy Roberts - “Loved loved LOVED Fighting chance everything about it was really likable amazing story line , characters you will adore and some you will really hate , funny, steamy,and sad moments.”

Chance officially has my heart. Boy does he love hard! He gives it everything he has even if he doesn't know what he's doing. He has horrible selfish parents, who continued to have babies, giving him to younger brothers, much younger. He is worried about them. He is working all his angels to try to make them a family again.

Mia is doing everything she can to make sure her younger sister doesn't get killed. Not only is willing to sell her body but she has sold everything to make it all better. No guidance. She has no guidance. She just wants to dance.

I loved the relationship that they have. I love that Chance doesn't give her a chance to say no but just makes her feel loved from the very beginning. I love that she accepts him for who he is and doesn't question his motivates. She tries to protect him by not allowing him to know what kind of trouble she is in. This back fires but thankfully Smith is there.

These two had me turning the page quickly to make sure that they got their heads out of their butts and made it work. I was rooting for them but Lynn keeps us waiting. This is my first read from Lynn Rider. It will not be the last. I enjoyed the writing style, the story line and the plot. I enjoyed the flow, it kept me interested, it made me wanting more.

I loved the epilogue and I really hope we hear more about the secondary characters so that we can continue to know what is going on with these two in the future.

Lynn Rider lives in the south with her husband, two kids, two dogs, two fish and much to her dismay, two cats. She loves hanging out with friends, reading and a good glass of wine. 
When she’s not spending time with her family and friends, she can be found sitting in a quiet corner or locked away with her laptop bringing life to the characters in her head. 


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