20 April 2017

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Read:: Make Me Yours by Charity Ferrell

This one gave us the superstar and the bodyguard. Stella is a star on television spreading her wings to the big screen. Security is an issue with her line of work. There are others that want a piece of her so she keeps big scary men around. Dallas was working for her when he finds his wife sick with cancer and has to leave his post. He asks his brother Hudson to fill in until a suitable replacement can be found. 

Hudson, former military, is home from over seas. He finds himself at a welcome home party when his ex fiance walks up with his former best friend, her new fiance. He just wants to get out of town for a little bit and get readjusted to civilian life. 

These two had great chemistry, they talked about life. They learned about each other. Hudson takes Stella home with him when there is a family emergency. They continue to build a relationship. 

They were sweet. They made me laugh with their banter. They showed each other what it is to love again. 

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Sometimes opposites do attract.
Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is exactly what you need. 

They're two opposites with only one thing in common: they've given up on love. 

He's a small town Marine home from his last deployment. 
She's spent her life in front of the lens and in the spotlight. 
He's callous, intense and dangerous yet she's never felt safer with him. 

The problem?
He's her new bodyguard.
She swore she'd never go there.
They shouldn't be attracted to each other like this.
But there's no stopping their connection. 

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