20 April 2017

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Read:: Gladiator by E.L. Todd

Wow. This book. I couldn't stop once I began. I needed to know what happened. Wilder was wise beyond his years until he began revealing his secrets. E.L. gives us an action packed heart tugging romance with Gray and Wilder. 

Gray cant seem to be passionate about anything, she is wondering through life at 22. She has changed majors at school 5 times and quickly gets bored. She goes to a bar to unwind when Wilder gets her attention. She knows exactly what he is though. She knows how the bad boys work. She knows that she cannot go down this road again. 

Wilder is a mystery. Wilder is strong and fascinating. Wilder is persistent.  A man who always gets what he wants without the commitment.

This is told only in Gray's point of view. It finishes in a cliff hanger with Gray determined to set aside her feelings for Wilder so that she can continue her job. I am very anxious to see what happens between these two and future missions. 

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Good guy or bad guy? I’m not sure which category Wilder falls under. We met at a bar and things heated up pretty quickly. But my instinct told me to hit the brakes. I’ve been down this road before. I’ve dated this kind of bad guy before. Is Wilder different? Or is he far darker, far more mysterious, and far more criminal than I ever could have imagined.

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