26 November 2016

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Read:: Sergio Spiraling by SM Donaldson

So we have read of Sergio in the previous books, the enemy to our MMA boys that eventually joins the ropes at their gym. This book gives us a little background in Sergio's background. The love he can show to a person, the heart he had before the love of his life disappears. We get to see the big heart and softness of Sergio. Before this book we just heard of the brut he had become. Now it is all clear.
Sergio falls in love with his soon to be wife quickly. He is all male and protective of her. The only nitch is he has to leave for deployment. This deployment is harder than the rest leaving his life behind. I loved the emotion felt that he showed, the love that he had. 

In one quick sweep, this is taken from him. He is heart broken, lost, and we follow as he works his way through it. Although he never really works through it, he moves on. He begins his fighting career. We do find out his connection to those in Marco's gym which was nice to see how he came to know them. 

When the book ends, you are left with so many questions that if you are invested as much as I am with these boys, you just sit and stare wondering. Wondering if he will find love again, if his heart will open to another, and if Marco's boys can accept him. 

I will not lie, I immediately went to social media begging SM Donaldson to please let us know if Sergio was getting a full novel with the way it was left and I was pleased to get a yes. Cannot wait for 2017 and to read the rest of his story. 

Sergio Spiraling- Marco's MMA Boys 5.5
Spiraling- A fast declining mental or emotional state.
Army Sniper Sergio Nichols knows what it’s like to be on top of the world. He’s had the greatest days of his life, until he has the worst day of his life. How do you start all over? How do you learn to live again? How do you find that same fiery passion? They say there are five stages of grief, but it sure feels like a hell of a lot more.
Fight- A battle or combat. 
He knows this all too well, he’s fought insurgents for over eight years now, he’s battled his mental state, now to make money doing it physically …

This book was originally released as part of The Honor Anthology 

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