01 August 2016

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Read:: Walk by Cora Brent

This book had me up all night to finish it. Stone is a deep troubled young man and Cora is the writer for it. She expresses the feelings and troubles going through these characters head. I was moved and emotional almost the whole read. 

I loved how Evie pursued him. Stone didnt really have a chance with Evie. She knew what she wanted when she saw him and she went for it. She fought for a relationship with this broken man. I loved that he is younger than her. I thought that was very different. Evie points out a few time about Stone's young age of 22 and how mature he is. 

Stone for most of the book just wants his brother back. Conway is a lost soul, he isnt the one that went to jail but he has placed himself in his own kind of jail. Stone just wants Conway to know how much Erin loved him and that life with his brother can continue. 

Evie helps Stone. She brings him back and shows him what it is meant to be loved, something only his brother has only been able to show him. There are demons fought on both sides. At one point Stone is so mean I wasnt sure if he would get Evie back. His words cut through her and she stands right up in his face, calls him on his bs, and walks out the door. I could have hugged her. 

Ms. Brent I am waiting to hear all about Conway and his way back from the horrible place we left him!

"I saw him for who he was; not just some tortured ex-con trying to beat back his demons and figure out his place in the world. Stone Gentry was sexy, complex, damaged, mysterious. He was a man I could fall for ...if he let me."

1513 ...The number of single lines you carefully scratched on a piece of notebook paper at each sunrise.
1513...The number of days you passed in a locked cage, surrounded by fierce men who did things even worse than what you did.
1513...The number of nights spent staring at the ceiling, praying for just five minutes of freedom to talk to your brother. The brother you love more than anyone on earth. The brother who hates you even more than he hates himself.
1...The number of moments it took for a tragedy to unfold and change lives, end lives, destroy lives.
1...The number that represents isolation, a loneliness worse than any prison sentence.
1...The number of girls who show up in your life and try to crack through the iron shield you've built around your heart these past four years.
One girl and her name is Evie. Beautiful. Stubborn. Passionate.
You know that if you had any honor you wouldn't take her.
But honor is something you lost a long time ago.

WALK is the latest Gentry Boys story from NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Brent. WALK is a stand alone within the series. A prequel novella, entitled CROSS, is also now available.

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