05 June 2016

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Read:: ARC Cain by L.B. Dunbar

I met Cain and Sofie in Abel, by L.B. Dunbar. Cain is Abel’s older brother. Cain took the brunt of the beatings and lashings from their controlling father. Cain believes he is not able to love, be loved, or wants to love. He has only seen love disappoint. His father only believes that Cain is good if he keeps the money coming in and remains champion. ‘If I wasn’t a champion, I wasn’t anyone to Atom Callahan, our father, and his heaven, the fight club.’

I met Sofie in Abel also, a friend of Abel, going to the same school as him. She and Abel are close. We finally get the back story to how Cain and Sofie know each other and their story. I was shocked and intrigued at the same time.  They fight all the freaking time. They love hard but they screw it up for themselves. They stumble over the love part and continue bull rushing to the tearing each other apart part of the relationship. Sofie finds out a secret Cain has kept from her for over a year. It is a lot of process for her and she runs.

These two kept finding each other. They made my head and heart spin. Sofie ran, Cain moved, Sofie moved in, Cain left to go back to Vegas. Sofie is confused on Cain’s actions most of the book. Poor Cain thinks that his actions should tell her how he is feeling when in fact she just wants to hear the words.  He absolutely made my heart melt at points with Sofie “I want you to be my wife.” Then I added, “For real.”

By the end I was wondering if LB was going to have a HEA or not, we were getting closer to 100% and nothing was being resolved. These two were still fighting their feelings, fighting with and for each other. I absolutely loved that they joined together to fight against his horrible evil father. I loved that they finally saw that together made more sense than not.

I am so happy that I followed Eric Battershell Photography who shared the cover for Abel which caught my eye and I one clicked to begin this series of this family.

“I hate that I love you,” she said. “You left me.”

“I lost you, there’s a difference. Now that I found you, I intend to keep you.”


I’d tasted the sweetest fruit of temptation, and I wanted another bite. I had promised myself before, but once wasn’t enough. The savory flavor of her lingered long after I’d lost her. Contending with the pressure to return to the fight, in order to prove myself to my father and the world, I had to let her go.


It has been a year. Sofie Vincentia and I had played a dangerous game. For one night, we pretended, only to discover our farce was real. I’d lost her, but I hadn’t stopped searching, hoping for her return. I was used to getting what I wanted, so when she didn’t come to me, I had to go after her. This would be the greatest fight of my life.

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