09 May 2016

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Read:: Baller's Baby by Saylor Bliss

I usually love my sports books, but I couldnt get into this one and I hate that. I wasnt fond of the quick storyline or the lack of character development. 

These two go from meeting, to sleeping together, to her having issues, to him not wanting a girl, to being together, to fighting, to this and that happening, I couldnt keep up with the storyline. Too Much. Too many spins. Too many different directions. 

So many gave it great reviews and it might be a great book for many but I just didnt get into it and it took all I had to finish it. 

I really want to read more from this author just to make sure it was this story and not the author because her writing was good. 

Kiptyn Price is one of a kind. Raised on the streets of Atlanta, he grew up fast and he grew up hard. When he sees something he wants, he goes for it with everything he has in him.

National basketball career. Check.

Million dollar contract. Check.

Mansion on the hills in Los Angeles. Check.

Different woman in his bed every night. Duh that's a given.

Until he meets Skila.

It seems every decision Skila has made in the last year has led her farther and farther down the beaten path. When offered the chance to move away from it all, she jumps at it. Little does she expect the very day she arrives at her new home she will be landing, quite literally, in the lap of this towns most eligible bachelor. Not that it matters one bit to her. She isn't looking for a man and no amount of sweet southern charm and sexy muscles will convince her otherwise.

But a deal.

Now that she cant pass up.

Especially if her career depends on it.

It's settled with a shake of hands that not even the devil himself can undo.

The question remains to be answered.

Who is going to win this battle of wills.

Kiptyn our sexy as sin playboy basketball star who's only goals in life include winning the game and scoring... in the bed.

Or Skila, our sinfully sweet goddess trying to put the pieces of her life back together?

You decide.

Secretly yours,


This is a full length, stand alone bad boy sports romance with a happily ever after. No cliffhanger.

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