02 January 2016

# 2016 # fitness

Goals for 2016

I have been working out for almost 2 years. The first year I just walked my heart out, we walked on the treadmill and outside when the weather was nice. I lost about 12 pounds in that year but drinking water and walking. This past year in 2015 I added weights and other routines to my workout hour. In the spring I was just tired of my shape. Since my wedding with kids and all, my c section pouch and sitting most of the day at work, I just wasn't happy. So I began research, looking up routines, and adding a little weights to help tone. 

I figure pictures is the way to go. I can see with my clothes but I think pictures help me see how far I have come. So the first picture is from June 2015 when I started an AB challenge with a friend of mine that sells 'Beachbody'. Then came a Butt/Arm challenge. Then I had a good rhythm and a nice hour that included 20 minutes on the treadmill that I go as fast as my short legs with a high incline. 

7 months later I am a little flatter, my c section pouch is rounding out, and my legs are stronger. 

My goal is to continue to up my weights and increase my reps for 2016. I hate resolutions and do not keep them, but these short goals I seem to keep and continue. 

Good Luck to anyone that sets goals in 2016, whatever they may be.  

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