08 December 2015

Read:: Gaining Gibbs by S.M. Donaldson

Don't Judge, yes I have already finished this! How could I not try to read this as soon as it hit my kindle?! I have read them all, she's one of my 'as soon as it is published I read' authors. I know she has the rest of the family to write about if she chooses to continue the series but I am hoping we eventually get to Slick's story. 

So we met both Gibbs and Jade in previous books in the series, they are family. They are secondary characters but all the same, we learn about them and get to know them. This book follows them through the years I guess you can say, starting with a friendship, turning to more, than nothing, then friends again, then nothing, then friends, and eventually they figure it out. Honestly though if you are telling about teenagers with an attraction, I think SM showed it best with their relationship changing, they grew up, they learned, and matured. 

Gibbs being the MMA fighter is big tough and in charge, however paired with a fiery redhead, he isn't always the one that wants control. They feed off of each other well. I think that SM shows a friendship is key, they know each other, they feel what the other is feeling. 

Gibbs having a past that is coming back to bite him and bring back memories he would gladly like to keep at the back of his mind causes issues for Jade and puts her in a bad position. But without this factor, they might not get their heads out of their asses and decide to be with each other. 

Clay Gibbs is an up and coming MMA fighter … with a past he wishes to leave behind. He has witnessed more brutality than any one person should. Losing it all has taught him to fight for the things that matter. 
With no real family left, he has built a new one surrounded in his friends. They may not be blood, but they have a bond. In the center of it all is the one woman he finds he can’t be without. A fiery redhead that makes his heart beat wildly. He’s waited for her … can it finally be their time? 
Jade Chambers is a firecracker. A ball of flames so hot she will burn through anything in her path to get the life she wants. After almost losing it all just as it began, she’s determined not to let anything slip through her grasp again. 
The one thing she didn’t factor on was Clay Gibbs not fearing the heat. Will she love him or will she burn him? 

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