18 November 2015

Relased: Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan

Have you checked your Kindle?? Why yes, Perfectly Imperfect should have hit it yesterday at Midnight. Mine is patiently waiting on me. I am patiently waiting on the weekend because of work, kids, other things going on and family time. Sooooooo come on weekend to give me some time to read because I need to have it consumed. Anything Harper Sloan writes is right down my alley, her writing style, blunt way of putting things, her alphas.

This story is to be personal for her, a struggle, a way of finding herself. I for one am excited to get my read on and see how perfect this read is.

If you haven't one clicked yet, get to it people!

**Standalone novel**

Mirror, mirror ... who's the fairest of them all?

I still cringe when I hear that line. A fairy tale that had girls pretending they were the fairest, the most beautiful, and the most entitled. A fairy tale most couldn't grow out of turned my haunted childhood memories into a living nightmare. Girls who grew up believing that pile of garbage became the meanest of all 'mean girls.'

And those mean girls were right - it was a line meant for all the beautiful people in the world - and I knew the answer would never be me.

The women with long legs, flat stomachs, and perfect chests.

The type of women Kane Masters gravitated toward.

Well, that's definitely not Willow Tate.

No. That will never be me.

Because I'm completely imperfect.

And ... I hate myself.

I have no idea what Kane could possibly see in someone like me when he could have them.


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