20 November 2015

# black friday # dollar

Black Friday Shopping!?!? Anyone?!

Do you still do the dreadful Black Friday Shopping? Seriously black friday shopping begins like November 1st now. Companies aren't even waiting until this 'special' day to have the sales. Why do we even call it black friday? It should just be Christmas Sales Special Event. Because it is, its a whole event, a whole month, a whole week, and it continues until Christmas Eve.

Companies are having their employees come in and work on Thanksgiving Day instead of being with their families and being THANKFUL for life here with them in the USA, for our freedom, for our kids, for our parents, for football, for anything they are thankful for. They arent able to enjoy that day that the kids DO NOT have school. No they rush their family time to be in at 6 PM so that the sale for CUSTOMERS that cannot WAIT can be there waiting at the door to get their items.

Seriously how have we become so materialistic??? Why are we fighting and trampling people over a Barbie house instead of home playing go fish with our kids.

I just dont get why the hype of Black Friday when honestly if you watch the sale ads the whole month of November and most of December is great. Most of the best sales are after Black Friday into December. So why are companies having their employees come in on a Holiday just for the sales? When did that bottom dollar become so important.

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