03 November 2013

The Market....

So we finally got brave enough to take the plunge and put the house on the market and it has been quite an experience. I simply am not patient enough for all this waiting. This waiting for the right person/family. It does not go well with my planning personality. The first family was supposed to look at the house and throw offer out to see whether or not we would take it. Isn't that how this works?! Not exactly. Our house has been on the market since the end of August, not a lot of time. We had a few showings, enough to make me happy to know people want to see our house. Good enough to know there are people who dont mind looking at a house in the country, away from the city.

As fun as this experience has been, to see if someone would buy our home and allow us the opportunity to move on to the next chapter to our lives, we will be taking the house off this winter so that we can live more freely. It has been tough with two small kids and a puppy to keep this house ready for showings at a moments notice. I am actually more excited about this winter, we will be doing a little remodeling. Cant wait to share our projects.

We hope to place the house back on the market in the spring. But who knows how the market will be at that time. This economy is sucky right now, up and down, no one knows where it will be by Spring, except here. And with the government shutdown that happened in october, we can only guess where the interest rates will stand and if our area will even be worth putting it back on the market. Until the projects begin we will be enjoying the down time and preparing for the holidays.

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