04 November 2013

Blogging again...

Getting back into the swing of things. I have taken some time off 'blogging'. I just didnt feel it. Ever have that? I love writing about my kids and what our family is doing and I just stopped. Now I am back. At least I hope so. I feel like writing. I feel like telling a story. We are getting ready for the holidays and I am so excited. The girls are at perfect ages to start understanding what this holiday is all about: giving. So this year I hope they can stop thinking of I want I want and start thinking of sharing the gift of giving. 

My husband and I are talking to them about this and they are excited. Soon we will choose a few kids to buy Christmas for that their families cannot do and let them come and enjoy the experience with us. I am hoping this will be a yearly thing that just gets bigger the less they need, want and the more they want to give. They get so much during the year that asking for anything for the holidays is a lost cause, they have everything they dont need or want anything really because they have 2 of everything in the toy box. 

So I hope to get back into it, to record the funny things coming out of my girls mouths so that I can remember and so that we can have a log of it.  

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