14 February 2013

Beauty—yea not my thing

So I am not about beauty products at all, so much so that my 3 year has taken all my make up to become play make up because I don’t use it. I am in the process of replacing it, it was like 6 years old so needed to be replaced anyways. She had lots of fun playing ‘make up’ and being pretty with it.
Anyways, I am not a big make up person but I am all about keeping my face clean. As a teenager, I had major acne problems. It has cleared up a lot since becoming an adult but after 2 kids, my hormones and chemical balance have changed. So around certain times of the month, I am breaking out again.
The Mary Kay line 3-1 Timewise Cleanser worked for me years ago, so after Hailey came and I began having the issues again. My face was drier, bumper, and red in some areas.  Mary Kay just wasn’t doing it so I have shopping around for something that works. I still use my moisturizer and other products from Mary Kay, the face wash just isn’t helping my break outs.
So a few months ago, a friend on facebook posted her link to her blog. It is all about fashion, beauty, and products, so I have been checking it out about once a week or so. So Nikki over at Heaven Has Cupcakes wrote a post recently about a product she was using and loved. I thought why not try it?? So I went to the website and ordered a few samples. I love following great bloggers that help out and are honest about their reviews. Nikki shows a lot of good stuff and if I was that girly girl I would probably be spending a lot of money to get the cute items that she uses.
She recommended using Mario Badescu products for the acne and dry skin issue. So I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and it has really helped my issues. This past month I haven’t broken out as badly as I had the months before and the redness from the dry winter air has cleared almost 100%. I also got a few other samples that Ava and I have been using, the girl loves her lotions!
So my acne is under control and my dryness is better. I am so happy with the results. And if you would like to hear more about fashion, beauty, or her obsession over Cupcakes, visit her and become a follower.

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