11 October 2012

The Scavenger Hunt

Remember when you were a kid and you would get your piece of paper with clues and you would go out and find the item??

I have started doing scavenger hunts on my facebook page for my customers of Thirty One. This is a great tool to get your customers looking through the catalog and maybe even scoping out something that they wish to purchase. I do it for fun. I love the business and I love giving items away.

This is my 2nd big game for my customers and it has really helped reach those that have been busy and cannot hold a party or havent purchased for a while. They email/message/IM the answers to me and I record who has the correct answers.

We are currently using the Fall 2012 catalog and with all the new items I am so excited to have my customers searching for different items. They might be seeing something they hadnt noticed before, they might see something in a print that is new, or they might just play the game and not really be interested in buying at this time. Regardless we are discussing 31 and looking at the catalog.

I love my customers and really try to make it work for them. I try to find what they want and how to make it work for their budget. I dont try to get them to buy if the funds arent there, there is always tomorrow, it doesnt have to be bought right now.

My customer base is slowly building which is exciting and my team is slowly growing which is awesome. Its a whole new experience. This scavenger hunt is a good way to just have fun with a great company. I play them at my home parties and wanted to share something with my customers that may be too busy for a home party and have just done book parties.

Also getting the opportunity to win something for just a little time on the computer doesnt hurt either. So excited for everyone that is playing along and having a great time.

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