10 October 2012

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My Promotion, Senior Consultant

At the end of September I became an "Independent Senior Consultant" with Thirty One Gifts. How proud am I?? LOTS!!!! This is a huge thing, a surprising thing, something I never expected when I began my career with them in February of this year. My only goal was to get cute totes for the discounted price and try to stay 'active' by submitting a $200 party every 3 months.

Now in October I have a team of 3 ladies that are awesome to work with and the team spirit is awesome. The positivity with this company is unreal. They just pump you up, there is no negativity, there is no 'you didnt do it the right way', its just 'way to go' and 'WOOT WOOT'. Its a nice change. Most companies are about numbers and no doubt so is this company however if you have a bad month, oh well, theres always next month.

My direct is awesome and has really answered every question I had and gotten back to me in a good time frame, there is no 2 week wait, usually a day or two and I have some kind of email or call from her.

I started 'Leadership' training. This training is to help me become a better leader within the company, learn how to train my girls, learn how to grow my team, and learn how to take care of my business the way that I want it.

I am so thankful that Thirty One has come in my life, I have met a great group of Ladies, a family of sisters that are there for me and my family when I need them.

Now on to my goals with Thirty One, maybe one day a director who knows. I would love the opportunity and this company will give me that. I, of course, will be trying to build my team, bringing on more sisters and working with them to become the leader that they would like to be.

This promotion has shown my family one thing, this isnt just a 'hobby', it is building into a nice career that will lead to lots of great opportunities including free trips around the world, gift cards to places like Best Buy, and rewards of free merchandise just for having a party or two and enjoying the company of ladies around my area.

Sooo if you have thought about joining a direct sales company and want to join a great one, a faith based one, a positive one, one that rewards you, and one that will become a family, contact me to join, visit my website and join. It cost me $99 for the beginners kit, and I will never look back, I have already earned that and more in this experience.

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