29 October 2012

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Leadership and my WHY?!

I have been taking a leadership training, nothing too major, just something that my team offered and I joined. I was excited to receive the email asking me to participate. I have lots of leadership roles in my short career time and being given another opportunity is exciting. One of the things we talked about alot was building and taking care of the team our on way and which way would it be. I have to say my team is relaxed, I dont try to tell them how to run their business, however I do give them ideas, share what I am doing with my business, and try to reach out to them to make sure everything is running smoothly.

It's not my business, just my team. I am here to listen, guide, share, and talk to them. I am not sure to tell them they are doing something wrong or should do it another way. The guidance we have received from our own leader, our Director, has been wonderful. I want to lead by example, I do not want to micromanage or try to put someone down. My team is awesome, one is a great lady I met in May and the other is a co worker that has become a really good friend. They are growing their own teams and I cannot wait to watch them in their roles as leaders.

During our leadership training, we speak alot about our WHY? Why did we want to join Thirty One? Why did we decide to sell totes, purses, bags? Why did we contact the person we did to sign up?

Well when I first started it was really to try to help things at home, my husband has always worked 2 jobs for extra income and had started thinking about a 3rd. This full time position allows him the possibility of that but I didnt want him gone all week long just to have some extra and try to pay our debt down all on his own. I work full time myself and have the girls to worry about. But when speaking and emailing my director Thirty One seemed like a good fit. I make my own hours, choose the days that I can work, choose how much I want to put into it, and get to be home still most evenings with the girls. Also I LOVE the bags, I have alot of them now and my collection keeps growing. (Learn how in my next post!!)

So my WHY started out to pay off debt, then in early April, we decided all my commission would go to our beach fund. So we went to the beach with more than enough because of my parties. Then it went back to debt and now it is on to Christmas. We will be using my commission and Kenny's other jobs to pay for a CASH ONLY Christmas. I so hope that this is realized and happens. I believe it can. I believe that it will.

Now I am counting down until my November parties. I am so excited for them. And once all my commission is paid, I will be shopping for all the wonderful people in my life. So excited for the holidays. So my WHY changes every couple of months, it just depends on my families extra needs, but it comes through, it happens, and my family is always taken care of.

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