03 October 2012

Bottle Free, Formula Free

So after what has seemed forever, we are done with buying formula and bottles. Hailey has only slept through the night 3 times since coming home from the hospital. Most babies by 6 months are sleeping through the night but not our Hailey. It hasnt really bothered me except those couple weeks here and there that I am just flipping exhausted, on the run, work is crazy, and I just want a few hours uninterrupted...well....

Last week she was waking up about 4 times a night, I was switching between formula and water. I would try to give her water first but she wasnt satisfied and would scream so she would get a little bit of formula and go back to sleep. She was also going to sleep her normal time but waking up extremely early. I was getting to the point that something had to change and change quick.

Friday night we were up 3 times and up by 5. She did manage to go back to sleep for a little nap so I got a little shut eye before starting the day. Saturday was their big birthday party (post to come) and she went without a bottle all day, which she had been doing for us for about a week. That evening, I decided, she had gone 18 hours without a bottle or formula it was time to just try the night.

She did okay, up at 330 then at 5, got her back to sleep around 530 and she slept until almost 8. No bottle, only sippy cup of water in the middle of the night. Sunday morning, Kenny and I talked and thought 'cold turkey' is the way to go. We were out of formula anyways and I really didnt want to go get another whole container for her to not want it.

So we are on day 4 of no bottle and no formula. She is sleeping 10x better, getting more food since she is not being supplemented by the formula, and she doing great with milk.

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