10 September 2012

Vending for Thirty One

Being a vendor is not a new experience. I have had plenty of jobs before that required me to sit at a table and speak to people I dont know. When I was with Berkeley County Schools, we had a few times we were at the mall, with the CVB (visitors center), we set up a couple times of a year and I was able to go to the State Fair while there to help man a table.

In the month of August I got the opportunity to be a vendor at the Youth Fair and then Martinsburg Bike Night. Both nights were a little busy, a little slow, and a little interesting.

It was an experience, a eye opener, I know what to improve on, I know what to change, I know what NOT to do next time. I am sure the more I do it the better I will get at it.

Getting my business name out there and my chances of helping those that want to become more involved with Thirty One is a great thing with these vending events. I cannot wait until next year to start fresh and get on billet for several different organizations and different events.

If anyone that is reading this knows of an event that would be great for Thirty-One I would love any information, you can email me. I love meeting new people, I love getting out there and speaking with people about a product I love.

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