11 September 2012

a Boy? Two boys? Another Baby?

Have I mentioned how busy August was for this family?!? Well did I fail to mention there is another grandbaby on my husband's side of the family...yep we have been some baby making fools these past 3 years....

Keith, the oldest Bowers, and his soon to be wife Jamie welcomed Brantlee to the family 2 weeks early in August.

When I woke up to a text from my brother in law, I assumed, she had 'gone' into labor and we would play the waiting game. But just as his big brother Adyn, Brantlee wasnt playing any games, he was ready to get out of that belly and meet the world. So I dont even think 6 hours after her water broke, he was here and my text was actually a picture giving me the weight and length.

So now this Bowers crew now has 3 little princesses and 2 little princes.

I had told ya before if there were anymore babies coming, it definitely wasnt coming from me...but the other boys may surprise us...SURPRISE!!

Absolutely a blessing, once again, and cannot wait to see whats in store when these 5 are a little older...Adyn and Ava are already running around causing trouble together....its only going to get crazier, busier, and more fun I am sure!

Such a good big brother already

Keith's new little family

he is a tiny little booger butt!


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