17 September 2012

# BBQ # cooking

Pickin in the Panhandle!

So for the 2nd year, Kenny decided to compete in the Backyard Competition of Pickin in the Panhandle. He is really into the BBQing and its a fun hobby. Better than what some wives and husbands call hobbies, hes home, hes not out and about doing God only knows and these are family events so the girls are welcome there.

He was a team of 1 this year. The guy that helped him last year entered the parenting world when his son was born in July so he was the only cook this year. His one buddy and shift member set up camp with him and also spent the whole weekend with him.

They had an awesome camp site, close to the stage, awesome view of the whole thing. The weather was awesome after it finished raining. It was cool and a perfect evening. The girls spent the evening with Nanny and Pap and I was thankful for it. We havent had a kid free evening in a while.

watching the main stage band

Once the weekend was over, Kenny brought home all the leftovers and we chowed down. This pork BBQ was awesome and he placed 9th!!!!!! I am so proud of him, he's already talking about next year and what he wants to change and keep.

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