02 May 2012

# thirty one gifts

My Very First Open House with Thirty One Gifts

I have been working part time with Thirty One since February, I have to admit I have been having a blast. I am putting a lot of my creativity and business background into it. It’s nice to look at the whole picture and break it down to try to make it work better. I love my full time job and it is a hard job, you have to think what you are doing and why you are doing it but Thirty One has allowed me to go outside the box a little.
This past weekend, we closed our spring catalog and opened our summer catalog. I took the opportunity given to me by my super Direction, Lizzy, to have a Last Chance/First Glance party. This would give people the opportunity to order from our Spring catalog one more time and then preview the summer catalog. I had about 10 guests, which I thought was awesome for the first time. The weather was a little crappy so I know why a few that RSVPed probably didn’t come. Driving in that rain on/rain off kind of weather isn’t fun.

By the middle of the afternoon both girls had napped and we had a house full. There were kids running around playing and us girls in the living room chatting while looking at the new catalog and I answered all questions as best I could.
I am proud to say I think it was a success. Not only did I collect a lot of sales but I got to show off the new book and talk with family and friends about our upcoming season. The only disappointing part was that I did not book one party. I thought I would. However I am hoping that after people receive their products they will rethink and contact me for a party.
I am blessed to have this come when it did. It is allowing me to do what I think I do best, mingle and socialize. I love meeting new people and chatting it up. I have a few parties in May and cannot wait to meet their guests. Also it is allowing us to save up a little more to take with us on vacation and after vacation I will be putting as much towards our debt as I can. I have seen what this product can do for your family and the rewards are endless. I hope to continue doing well and booking parties to get me out of the house and mingling while having a great time.

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