03 April 2012

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A Night Off

A couple weeks ago, Kenny and I got the pleasure of having a ‘kid free’ evening. One of the guys on his shift got married. Their wedding was beautiful, the bride gorgeous, and the food delicious. I had asked my mom about a month before the wedding if she would mind having both girls. I hated doing it but I also wanted it so badly. By the time the wedding would be, Hailey was 5 months old, and I was confident she would be on a better schedule.
Well a week before the wedding, Hailey was diagnosed with RSV. I was really worried about whether I should even leave her or not. But my mom and sister both told me that I needed the break and that she would be fine by that time. So the morning of the wedding, Hailey was doing awesome, her breathing was better, she wasn’t as cranky, and she was eating normal again. I was feeling more confident about leaving her with mom.
We left them about 1:30 and may our way to Charles Town. The service was nice. I held Kenny’s hand and was taken back to November 1, 2008 when we said our vows and pledged our love for the rest of our days together. We hadn’t had a wedding since this time last year.
I texted mom a few times but got no response. Made me a little nervous but figured with two of them she was busy.
Kenny and I had a ball. It was one of the best times we have had in a long time. It was really needed. The most important thing I can say about having a marriage and kids is you need to still date your husband. Yes you are married, yes you love each other, but you need to show it. You need to let that person know you are still attracted to him, that you still like having fun with him, and you still need him. The best time about that night is that we danced every slow dance the DJ played. Anyone that knows my husband knows that this is not in his character at all. At any wedding previously, ours included, I got one maybe two dances and he was done. But this time we danced, we talked, we laughed.
After having two pregnancies, two periods of newborn stage, and now having 2 its a little harder to find a sitter willing to take them overnight. I will say that we don’t do it often but maybe that’s what makes that time so special. We don’t go out much on our own without the girls. Not that we can’t it’s just that we like being with our girls. Family time is important but after this night, I think we see that time alone as a couple instead of parents is also important.
Now that Hailey is almost 6 months old it is a little easier to have someone take both of them. We are hoping to have more ‘date’ nights.

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