19 February 2012

# fam # husband

Valentines Day!

Yes, I am a week late but better late than never. Our Valentines Day was great! Kenny was actually off for it this year also, his work schedule has has him working the past few years. We started our Valentine's celebrations on the Sunday before going to lunch. We got lucky, mom had taken Ava for the afternoon so we only had Hailey. This allowed a more relaxing lunch. Restuarants and 2 years old don't mix well sometimes.

On Valentines Day, the girls stayed with Kenny, while I went to work. That morning, I gave Ava her treats that were left in her "Love Bug".

She was so excited for all her treats and stickers and pencils, she didnt know what to do with everything. I gave Hailey a card for her scrapbook and she got to taste a few suckers. She also got a Love Bug "Bee" that will be waiting to be filled next year for her.

Kenny received cards from the girls and me. He also was treated with some of his favorite candy.

What did I get? Well I got a beautiful arrangement of flowers with the sweetest note.

It really made my day. My cube smelled wonderful the rest of the day and everyone kept telling me how pretty they were. I am so thankful for my loving family and special days like Valentines. We always tell each other how much we love each other but theres always been something special about Valentines Day that just makes it so magical.

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