20 February 2012

Too Connected?

These days everyone has lots of technology at their fingertips. My smartphone is always a arm stretch away. But are we too connected? Do you ever find yourself looking at your phone when its a time you ready shouldn't be?

Last week when it was beautiful outside, I drove acrossed town to pick up the girls. There were several families outside with their kids. Every adult had a phone in their hand: on the internet, checking email, on facebook, or texting?? Who knows but their children were playing, why weren't they playing with their kids?

I will admit there are times at home I will get an alert and its hard not to check it immediately. But my kids need my attention. I don't want my kids to be dependent on technology I want them to play outside and get dirty.

Techology has its perks and we cetainly will take advantage of those but one of my peeves is seeing a parent telling a kid to 'hold on' to finish a game, email, or something when all he/she wants to do is play. Do you take time out of your busy technology filled day to just have down time??

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