11 February 2012

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A Girls Day...

Today I did something that I rarely do, I left my babies at home with their daddy and went to lunch with the girls. It was really nice. I seriously need to do it more often. It feels like I do it once a year or so. It takes a lot to get me to do it. We all have our families now so we begin planning about a month or two out. It's the way it has to be. It's amazing how much work it takes just to get together for lunch.

I had a wonderful time. I got to talk to adults, get other views of other mothers, and eat a meal without sharing. I love the girls I went out with, one being my sister in law and the others being my cousins. We had a great time and there was lots of laughter and lots of story telling.

Once the girls get a little older, I hope its easier for me to leave them. I feel guilty even though I know I shouldnt but after working 40 hours during the week, to leave them is hard. They are my world. My husband is always telling me to plan something and to go. I think I might take him on it eventually but right now I dont want to miss anything. I miss too much as it is.

But if I could do it like today, I think I would do it more. We ate lunch, ate, shopped a little (formula for the babies), and then I came home and played with my girls. Ava and I built with blocks, Hailey cooed and yelled at me. Once the evening came, we cuddled up in bed and watched a movie.

A perfect day.

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