14 February 2012

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Baby Food

Yes, don’t shoot me, Hailey isn’t 4 months old yet but YES I have begun to give her some baby food.  My little chunky monkey is hungry! She is doing great with it also. I started about the 10th of February, at 3 ½ months.

I did it one evening, just to see, giving her some oatmeal, she isn’t a big fan of it so the next evening I put a little applesauce in it to flavor, and she gobbled it up. So I bit the bullet and decided she should start some solids. My wonderful Mamaw had given me some for Christmas as a present to Hailey. So we started with the basics: apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, pears. I am going to keep her on the yellow/orange baby food for a while and move her to others at a different time. I want to take it slowly since I have begun so early with her.
Yes, I know people will criticize but she’s mine. And I believe she was ready, she does great with the spoon and when she sees me getting everything ready while sitting in her highchair, she starts kicking her feet. I cannot believe how big she is getting.
She’s eating between a half a jar and a full jar depending on when she signals to me that she is done. I can tell when she doesn’t want anymore; she will begin to just let it drain out of her mouth.
My only big obstacle with feeding her has been her big sister, Ava. Ava is old enough to ‘help’. Most of the time she is good help with chores around the house but when it comes to feeding Hailey, she is in the way. She doesn’t always pay attention, she puts way to much on the spoon, and she will have baby food all over Hailey’s face and highchair. But despite all these things, I still let her help. She loves it and I love trying to keep Ava involved. It’s really hard sometimes because she is young but I love that she wants to try. Some nights are worse than others and I have to kick her out of the feeding process but most nights I try to roll with it, while holding my breath.

As Hailey grows I know it will get easier, one of the best things of already been there and done that. Cannot wait to watch her grow and become more coordinate with her hands to mouth movement. I know it’s all coming in due time, as sad as that is.

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