14 January 2012

# crafts # DIY


My New Addition....seriously!!! I have been a member for a couple months but that was at the end of my exhausting pregnancy, taking care of an overhyper 2 year old then I delivered. I didnt know how to find the time with recovery, newborn, and Ava. So now here I am with a 12 week old that has a pretty steady schedule, is sleeping pretty well at night (FINALLY), and still my hyper 2 year old, but I am finding time to browse.

I love it. I have found lots of projects, lots of different food, and now am trying to find time to when I can put this all into play here at the house. I cannot wait until the warm weather returns and some of the projects can begin. I love that there are so many crafts and projects that I can do with Ava.

Also I am working on a few different projects for this year and I think this site is really going to help with the creative people on there. I cannot wait to begin planning the girls birthday party so that I can use some of the ideas I have come acrossed already.

If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. I am SO NOT a DIY person but I think this site might help me begin. I want to thank my cousin, Jess, for the invite.

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