15 January 2012

# family # potty

"Good Job Mommy!"

So for the past month or so we have been unofficially potty training. Ava has been in her pull ups and diapers sometimes. She goes potty basically when she feels like it. I really dont want to push her right now then her push against me. She does really well when she wants to. She'll come and tell me she has to go.

Lately, she hasn't been going as much. She just wants to wear the pull ups. NO DIAPERS. But there is that occassion that when I go, she will join me. Yesterday I said, "Let me up, I gotta go pee." She let me up then followed me yelling "I pee too, I pee too.". So I helped her pee then got her redressed. (the girl goes down to no clothes everytime she goes).

She told me it was my turn. When we were all finished and washing our hands Ava looked at me, patted my head and said "Good Job Mommy!" I got a kiss for going to the potty like a big girl.

Gotta love her!

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