02 January 2012

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New Years Day

Well first of all I want to say how different our New Years celebrations are now from when we began dating in 2004. Now we dont even try to make it to midnight. One thing that hasnt changed though is we celebrate the New Year with our friends. I first met Jamie and Katy on New Years 2004-2005, it was Kenny and I's first New Years together. Jamie and Kenny worked together at Southern States and they had invited us over.

I didnt know anyone there, a house full of people, but Katy made me feel welcomed and we became friends. Now 7 years later here we sat at their house, except now we are married to the men that we were just dating and we have kids running around. She had to work on New Years Day, so we arranged to have dinner at their house and let the kids (men included) play for a while.

It may sound boring to some, but to us it was a good time. The kids watched cartoons and played. Katy and I got the opportunity to catch up with each other and the guys got to hang out in the basement away from the women. It was a nice evening. We were home by 10, asleep by 1030 and wake for New Years day by 6am.

My youngest, Hailey was up at 5:45 moving around, about ready to yell for a bottle, when I took her out to the living room so she wouldnt wake up Kenny or Ava. We watched some sportscenter and Hailey ate her breakfast (formula, yuck, just the smell). Ava wasnt too long after us, asking for chocolate milk and cartoons. So our day began.

Kenny's family has a reunion every year on New Years Day. Its a hit or miss event for us. We had originally decided we werent going to attend. Kenny was working and I didnt want to try to go and keep up with 2 by myself. It would just be easier to stay home. However, Kenny was able to get off, so we decided to go. Its always a nice time, good food, and lots of company. Ava had a ball, she and her cousins ran around and screamed and played the whole time.

After the reunion, Ava's cousin said she wasnt ready to quit playing with Ava. We laughed and invited them over. We were having a great time catching up and the kids wanted to play. So that evening we had a great time with our cousins, extended the family reunion to our living room and watched football while the girls played.

I can say that in a previous post I had said that for this year of 2012 I wanted to become closer to friends and enjoy their company. I was really happy to see that on the first day of the year we were doing that. There is nothing like taking time out, stopping the grown up responsibilities, and just hanging out. We dont get to do that anymore. I hope that we continue doing it and growing closer with our family and friends.

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