02 January 2012

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2012 Changes

So a few things will be changing in 2012. Our routine will be different. Our schedule will be a little off. I thought earlier today I should write the things I would like to see change, maybe this will hold me accountable. Maybe it wont. Maybe this time in 2013, I will be thinking that I was crazy for even thinking I could do some of things that I write on here, but hey lets give it a shot.

1. My schedule at work is changing due to the change of babysitters. Instead of getting there between 730 and 800, I will now arrive between 830 and 900. Since I will be leaving the house a full hour later, I want to continue getting up at 530 as usual and getting myself ready.
              a. I want to clean up some of the clutter off the floor
              b. I want to start laundry so I can finish in the evening (tired of spending my entire weekend doing laundry instead of playing with the girls)
              c. I want to straighten up the kitchen, maybe even get the dishwasher running
              d. I want to take another glance of myself before walking out the door (so many mornings we are rushing)
              e. I want to eat breakfast instead of leaving the house hungry
              f. I want to sit on the couch with my girls and watch cartoons

2. Working 40 hours a week doesnt leave a lot of time, but I would like to visit more with my friends and give Ava some playdates. She will be home with Kenny a little more and I think playdates will help the transition of being only with Hailey (11 weeks old) alot. Everyone is busy, but I think I can make time to see my little girl happy playing with her friends. She needs to be social.

3. Girl time: I need to make time for ME and my friends. Its really hard to do anything and I hate leaving the girls sometimes but I need to make a habit of maybe once every 6 months going out with a friend or two and getting out of the house. Work is not a fun time out of the house. This one will probably be hard to do but it may happen.

4. Couponing and Saving-I got into couponing a little bit before Hailey was born and completely quit after she was born. I continued to clip just not shop. So I need to make a better habit of shopping to save and not just buying whatever. I want to make a big effort to stock up when the sale is good so maybe that item wont have to cut into the budget next time. I have my binder all cleaned out and ready for the new year. I need to watch the sales, work on checking the websites to help me, and try to get as many match ups as I can.

5. Potty Training-Ava has tried potty training, but we havent become anywhere near serious about it yet. She'll be 2 1/2 here soon then 3 in September, this spring, I want to work on that hard with her and see where we get. She does well when she wants to but when she is stubborn and decides she isnt going to, she refuses. So far I am not pushing the issues, she's still young, but I know she can do it, she has done it, and soon enough I hope its a done deal.

6. Patience-(enough said right?)

7. I want to continue working on my training at work and getting better at my job. It can only help my chances in the future and the more I know, the more I can help someone else. Gotta take my time and make sure I am covering all my bases and helping the mariners out the best I can.

8. Housework-we are pretty good at keeping the kitchen clean, however the rest of the house lacks. If I can keep up with #1 then maybe I will have more time on the weekends to tackle the big areas I always put off. Its just going to get harder with 2 little ones, eventually Hailey will be rolling, crawling, then running through the house with Ava. But it needs to get done.

These are just a few things on my mind right now. I would really like to stick to them. We shall see. I would love to not get lazy in the mornings and sleep in when I am given the opportunity. Even if the girls adjust to the new schedule and begin sleeping longer, I would love to get up and get the easy things done in the middle of the week. The weekends should be for relaxing, family, and friends, not laundry, cleaning, laundry, organizing, laundry, and more laundry.

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