10 January 2012

# babysitting # family


Ava has been going to a private sitter for over 2 years. For these two years, I have dropped her off and picked her up with almost no issues. When the weather is nice, she will get distracted and walk off or what to continue to play. That is all easy compared to what I dealt with today. Hailey had her 2 month check up, when I picked her up, Vickie said that Ava told her she wanted to stay with Ms. Vick, so I didnt even tell her I was there. I just got Hailey and out the door we went.

After the appointment, I ran to target really quick then went back to Vickie's to pick Ava up. She had been there most of the day but was the first to leave. I dont know if that made a difference or if she was just having way too much fun. Either way, when I put her in her carseat, the meltdown began. She screamed and cried "I want to play", "I want go back", "I want go Vick's" "I go NO home", over and over again. She finally cried herself to sleep.

An hour later, she woke up from her nap and immediately began crying again. "I want go Vick's!!!!" So another half hour of crying and she finally calmed down, asking for 'fries'. Luckily we had a bag of french fries in the freezer, so fries and nuggets it was for dinner.

Now she is happy, loving on Hailey, telling her she loves her and playing like usual. I'm grateful that we found another child care provider that loves her and she loves going to. She is really looking forward to Thursday and going back to play with the boys.

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