07 January 2012

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He Held My Hand

Last night, Kenny and I got to enjoy a rare thing: we enjoyed dinner without having to help feed little ones, sharing our food off of our plate, or switching Ava from one side of the booth to the other. It has been over a year since Kenny and I had dinner without a kid, without pregnancy making me sick and tired, and on a Friday night. My baby sister Ashley and her boyfriend graciously agreed to come babysit so that we could go out for a little bit.

So we went to Outback, we had giftcard and were told it would be a hour wait just to be seated. Kenny said "forget that" and we walked out. We didnt want my sister and her boyfriend to be here until midnight just because Outback was crowded.

So we went to Piccadilly Brew & Pub and enjoyed the evening. Even though we talked about the girls a lot, they are our life, we had some adult conversation. It was nice. We ate dinner, talked, and connected.

The best part of all this is when walking to there and back, he grabbed my hand and we walked. For anyone with children, you know hand holding goes away when you have diaper bags, carseat carriers, and little ones that hands need to be held. It warmed my heart.

Usually when we are out, we are so busy with the girls that we are lucky if we even walk with each other, he'll go away to get what we are at the store for or I will have the cart and walk ahead to keep the girls entertained.

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