23 January 2012

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I Bought Myself a Book...

This past week I bought myself a book, a grown up book. A book without pictures or ryhming words. A book without lessons on being nice, how do to something, to say please and thank you. This book was a huge recommendation on Pinterest.com. I read up on the reviews and decided that yes I can buy myself a book and darn it I WILL read it. It worked out great because I had just enough Amazon points that the book only cost a few dollars. So a present for me at a low cost.

So I have had the book 'Fall of Giants: Book One of the Century Trilogy' for 4 days now. I opened it once, read through the long list of characters and closed it. I have yet to open it again. This book is over 1000 pages, I am excited to read it. But to find the time is the trick.

I carried it to work with me one day, thought I would read it on my lunch break. Wasnt that a joke in the making? I usually eat through my lunch at my desk especially on busy days. So I carried the heavy 2.5 lb book to work and back home without even taking it out of my bag. Right now its in my nightstand. There's where it will stay until I get to read it.

Tonight I did read a few books with Ava. I got to ryhme with her, count, and sing the ABC's. There will come a time I guess that she won't enjoy reading with me and then I will read my own books. I just hope that at that time that 'Fall of Giants' isnt still unread in my nightstand waiting on me.

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