11 December 2011

Fighting Sleep

So at a whole 7 weeks old Hailey is getting notorious for fighting her sleep at nap time. She will eat and be almost asleep then when she is burped she begins crying and nothing will calm her down. So I begin the routine of trying to find a position that she is comfortable and patting her bottom. This seems to help her. I have never seen a child so young just not want to close her eyes even though she is exhausted. At 7 weeks still I know she should be up a little during the day but she should still be sleeping a good bit. She is wonderful at night, we just put her in her bed let her coo and make her noises and eventually on her own she will fall asleep. I guess it would be too easy if the day time was that easy also. I am thankful she loves the swing, sometimes that is the only thing that will calm her down. It can be very fustrating watching her cry and cant get comfortable and obsviously nothing I am doing is helping. Hoping that she gets more used to nap time and will let herself fall to sleep as she gets older.

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