11 May 2011

Easter 2011

So Easter this year was a little more exciting! Ava really didnt know what what going on, bunny wise but she knew she had a basket full of stuff and it was hers.

She loved the chick that peeped when you hugged it, its one of her favorites. She kept digging until the basket was empty and we opened every egg to get the piece of chocolate out. By 7 am she had 4 reese cups and was wired for church services.

As usual she got a book.

Her Daddy went out to put the trash up and she didnt like that at all.

Here she is in her Easter Dress with her kittie kittie

At my dad's doing an Easter egg hunt with Aunt Jess and Emily

Winding down after a very busy day. Daddy worked so once we got home, she got a bath and in her pj's very early and we just relaxed and played the rest of the day.

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