11 May 2011

16 Weeks

So I am now 16 weeks, the sickness is finally gone that took almost 15 weeks and I am growing. I am still having a lot of anxiety issues, but the doctor doesnt seem too concerned unless they become bad and frequent. Right now they appear every couple of days and I just have to breathe through them and try to work them out. I still have not gained any weight but am finally almost back up to where I was before I got the sickness. I am in all maternity clothes now and even some of them are becoming tight. We have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for June 3rd and the doctor says it looks like we will meet our little peanut October 21st at 39 weeks by repeat c-section. I left the doctor's office floating on cloud 9, just super happy. The hearbeat is strong and I am feeling a little bit of movement throughout the day. Nothing huge yet but little bumps along bottom of my belly.

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