08 March 2011

Not Knowing what is going on...

Ok So work has been crazy. December 23rd the government posted our jobs for public view. Since December 23rd we have been anxious to what our future holds. They have gone through the applications, the certs have been posted, yes I made some of the certs, but the job is not guaranteed. They had over 14,000 applications come through and I made the cert. I am just thankful that my resume will be looked at for consideration for my job that I have been doing for the past 3 years.

Right now, its just a waiting game. I try not to think about it. It's more stressful than anything. I figure it is already decided for me in my path in my life and I will find out soon enough what is there for me.

Looks like the supervisory positions have been chosen which means now its everyone else's turn to be chosen through. Where is my ranking? I didnt ask. Where do I stand to qualify? I dont know. When will I know one way or another? Our contract ends on June 30th. If a supervisor hasnt called me and offered me a position on this deck by then that will be my last day. Should I be looking for another job? Yes. Is there any out there? None that will compare to what I am doing now but yes.

They say by June 1st most of the positions will be placed. Will I be one of them? I hope so for my mariners. But I guess we shall see.

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