08 March 2011

Holy Cow..Sick Sick Sick

Ok so with Ava my sickness didn't begin until about week 8 and cleared out around week 13. It was only in the evenings and I ate what I wanted during the day. This little one is completely seriously different. I have been sick since before I even knew I was pregnant, which is why I tested, and I have been sick ever since. It is all day some days and just certain times of the day other days. I have many food aversions and sometimes want something soo bad until its right in front of me and I smell it, then I no longer want it. I know this can be fustrating trust me I am fustrated but I am also excited about bringing another little one into this world. Kenny has been great, letting me vent when I need to vent, cry when I need to cry, and stopping a conversation for 5 minutes because I need to go to the bathroom to get sick. Ava on the other hand has been great in her own little way. Yes, she does take care of me, she hugs me when she knows I am not feeling well and will sit on my lap for hours while I am resting, but she is also makes fake gagging noises and holds her stomach like it is upset. She likes mocking her mommy getting sick as much as she likes putting toilet paper in my face and wiping my tears. The sickness is better some days then others. I have been just taking it day by day trying to figure out what to eat and what to stay away from. It's been different but at this point there is no going back.

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