11 July 2010

Summer Fun!

Ava has never minded water. When she was a newborn, I just sponge bathed her but around 5 months old I began putting her in her baby tub. She loves it. She has so much fun in the water. So when it started getting hot my mom got a pool, Becky got a pool, so Kenny and I decided to get her a little pool. When we went to Gander Mountain the other day with a gift card Kenny got for Christmas we initially were looking for hunting gear I believe. Kenny couldn’t find anything he wanted and we came across this section of pool stuff. We saw the little inflatable pool and decided we would get it for Ava.

Well last night, we blew it up and even before it was completely finished, she was squealing and came over and crawled right into it. I had to run her out of it 3 times while I was blowing it up. When it was ready, I filled it with warm water and put on one of her swimmers.

She was in heaven. She played for about half hour. She was splashing water and throwing her toys out of the pool. She kept standing up and slipping back down on her butt. She’s too funny, NO FEAR. She puts her face in it, will let you dump water over her head. She has a ball.

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