11 July 2010

A day at Aunt Jess's House

This past Wednesday, Ava went to Aunt Jess’s house for the day. Jessica had asked about 2 weeks ago if she could watch Ava on a Wednesday that she was off. I couldn’t tell her ‘no’, it’s her niece. So I scheduled it in and let Becky and Kenny know.

So last Wednesday I dropped her off a little after 7 and headed to work. Throughout the day I would text and check on her, always she was doing fine. Jessica sent me a few pictures, Emily and Ava played tea party for quite some time.

Ava ate a huge lunch, Jessica made homemade lasagna and Ava ate a lot of it. After lunch, she crashed while Emily sang her lullabies.

They played throughout the afternoon.

Ava had a ball. When I picked her up I thanked Emily for watching Ava for me. She told me that her mommy had helped. Which I thought was too cute. Emily took over as babysitter for Jessica apparently half way through that day.

I told Emily anytime she wanted to spend the day with Ava to just let me know.

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