26 July 2010

Spa Day with Erika

About 2 weeks ago, Erika and I went to Sernity Day Spa. A much needed break from reality. We headed out around 11 and got to spend some time together. Texting back and forth can only do so much for us talkers! lol. We spent our time waiting for our pedi's and manicure's chatting and catching up. It was so relaxing. By 2 oclock we were all fancy with new nail polish and waiting for our massages to begin. I couldn't wait. My back has been giving me a fit. Carrying around Ava, bending and twisting, and carrying that carseat (2 more months and we can move to front facing yay).

After our massages, we went to where my sister Jess works and got our eyebrows waxed then a very very late lunch.

I love having a day to just talk and complain about life while also sharing the greatness of it. Having a person that will listen to you vent and then laugh with you when you tell her a funny story is great. Many people are a little funny about their inlaws but Erika and I have a great relationship. We are best friends. And I am thankful for it. I wouldnt know what to do if we didnt like each other or were just tolerable of each other because we are married to brothers. We may not agree on everything but we talk it out and dont try to push our beliefs on each other.

These past 2 years especially have been stressful from marriage to moving to pregnancy. And to have someone to lean on when you can tell the hubby is tired of hearing about it is special to me.

Our spa day was great and I am glad I could spend it with my sister in law. To be out of the house without Ava on my hip was wonderful too, but I missed her soo much. Couldn't wait to get home and get a hug from her. Erika got hugs and kisses from her too and Erika got to see her walk.

I hope spa day comes again and we get another day out of the house and to relax and gossip and chat with each other.

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