26 July 2010

Play Date!

This past Saturday we went over to our friend's house and the guys went to the basement while the moms stayed upstairs with the kids. Ava had a blast. She played so hard with Parker and Emma. At this age, they really are just learning to play with each other and usually just play by themselves, but they all behaved good and seemed to get along well. Parker and Emma play all the time together so I was wondering how Ava would do with them, especially since she is about a year and half younger.

They did well together. Ava loved Emma's kitchen set, it might end up being a Christmas present in our house, and kept busy transferring the dishes from one stop to another. She also loved giving me a plate or cup then taking it back and putting it somewhere new.

By 10pm she still wasnt asleep which is waaaay past her bedtime, so I had to ask Kenny if it would be okay to break up his time with the guys and head home. As soon as she got in her carseat her eyes began to close. She was in bed by 10:30 and was OUT!

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