06 July 2010

4th of July-Ava's First

Our 4th of July weekend wasn’t too eventful but it was nice. Saturday was normal, Kenny went to work and Ava and I cleaned the house, played, and finished laundry. It was so hot outside that we didn’t do much other than play inside. Ava played and took a great 3 hour nap.

Sunday, the 4th, Ava woke up talking. She cracked me up. She has always made noise, she has always been a mouthy kid, since birth but that morning she woke up saying words kind of. Kenny got home from work and laughed at her. She was yelling and making a lot of noise. When we went to speak, she would become louder. We hung out a home until about 4 then made our way into moms. She was having a cookout with a little swimming. Ava had a ball with Emily and the pool. She has no fear. She was floating in my arms and dunged her head in the water, making herself cough up water but loved it and tried to do it again. She loves the water. Emily had a cupcake and Ava wanted it so bad. She was reaching for it and trying to climb my mom’s kitchen table. And at one point she yelled out ‘Nanny’ and looking at my mom, telling her to get her a cupcake. That made my mom’s day. She had been saying ‘nan nan’ for a day or so but this was “Nanny” and it was loud. That evening, Ava decided that she would NOT go to sleep at her normal 8 o’clock bedtime, but 10 o’clock. She was so hyper and moving all over the place and of course talking. Since she was up, when the neighbors began letting off their fireworks, we went out to watch a little. So Ava got to see fireworks on her first 4th of July. It made me so happy. I figured she would sleep through it all.

Monday was great! I was off, Kenny was off and we were both home. Ava woke up talking and out came a few words. She is now saying ‘Nan Nan’, ‘Nanny’, ‘Dada’, ‘Yea’, ‘Hey’, ‘Hi’, sometimes it sounds like ‘dad’ and when she is upset ‘Mommy’. All within two days she has found so many words. Also the gibberish that goes along with that, the syllables that come out, we try to make it out what she is saying. And it’s nonstop. We LOVE it!!

We headed to Winchester, to get out of the house a bit and run a few errands. After eating lunch at Bob Evans, which Ava really behaved herself and ate a lot of their rolls and mashed potatoes, we headed to Kohls. Since we were in Ranson, we visited my dad for a little bit and then was on our way back home. It was a loooong day. After supper, we went to Central’s softball game for a bit. It was fun and I love watching Kenny play but it was HOT. So Ava and I didn’t say the whole time, she had much more fun in the bathtub.

After some playtime and more ‘dadas’ from Ava, we went to bed. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun and relaxing weekend with my baby girl and Kenny. She is growing so fast and doing so much now. Like I said, uneventful but it was wonderful for us.

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