07 May 2010

Stand Up!

Soooo this whole crawling thing as now lead into a standing up thing. She would rather climb up and stand sometimes loosing her balance than crawl sometimes. It is so exciting to see her stills improving everyday. She is so strong! She just grabs your pants leg and next thing you know she is up and smiling.

She has gotten good at knowing that she needs a hand every once in a while. She will throw her hand in the air and grunt at you to hold her balance while she gets up. Her bouncier that she absolutely loved for 3 months is now obsolete, its now pushed back in a corner until we can move it downstairs out of the way. She would rather climb on it than be in it. It's just a part of our daily lives now, Ava being everywhere. It is so much fun. She's always on the go and curious about everything. As strong and quick as she is getting I know it wont be long before she is walking on her own and wabbling all over my house.

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